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3.1.EDMS cloud with Neuronodal architecture

It is a very efficient document manager that allows signing documents through online platforms with 100 % legal value.

Paper=0. This is the goal that many enterprises are trying to archive at the moment; it can be reached thanks to DHI solutions.

The ANN: Arquitectura Neuro Nodal (Neuro Nodal Architecture) allows searching with immediate response through big data volumes, at least two times quicker than any other search through traditional database managers.

Organize your files and have them always reachable through cloud manager.


Our web system 2.0 of electronic commerce is a flexible system based and built for the free code system, a “hand-key” project for our clients.

In addition to the system itself, our services can include training about the use of the system, advanced training, assistance, and technical service when needed. What is more important is that we will be with you to ensure the success of your online-shop project, transforming it into a system of results and sales.

The system itself is not enough to ensure success, we have to consider all the tools that we offer you to build a strong winning Project (Safe Pay, Image, SEO, SEM, Webmarketing, Media Management, Online Campaigns, System Upgrades)

Specialized in solutions for business bounds, we offer an exploitation model of the services provided by the enterprises, based on the tools of e-commerce.

3.3.ASF biometriics

It is a solution for the authenticating and identification of the users, based in TOKENS of the voice, biometrics of the voice and digital signing/time stamping.
It is used to facilitate from the initial register, to the validation of operations, economic transactions, signing of electronic contracts…


The mobile phone as an instrument to make deposits or validate identities of websites and ensure financial operations, providing benefits to final users and administrators of the departments of IT.

    Able to call users from any part of the world to any mobile or fixed phones. (confirming possession, it will only be made when calling a mobile phone whose entity has registered user)

    Able to talk: For example: “You are going to enter in the website of the company of ACME, to validate your entry” or “you are validating an insurance policy generation by paying $8,000.000 of an account that ends up with 444”.

    Able to generate OTP codes: codes that can be used only once with time-limited validity.

    Able to use double OTP channel: Internet and voice. OTP must be showed in a web screen, but can be provided in the telephonic call, or can be remitted by SMS message or email.

    Able to Understand Digits (0-9): to make sure that the user recites correctly the numbers that are presented or that the user digitalizes in the phone or sets as reply to the request made in the screen of an application.

    Able to validate security pins through the keyboard of the telephone. When soliciting the user to verify its secret PIN too, the system also ensures that the user has the possession of the phone at the moment of the authenticating.

    Able to identify the clients through voiceprint, as reliable as the fingerprint

    Able to generate evidences: we generate evidences like traces, voice recordings, digital certificates to fortify the evidences of its authenticity, integrity and not repudiation and time validity. The integrated system with the SUITE ASF has at its disposal approved products that have already come into operation like CommondCriteria EAL3+.

3.4.Electronic notification Services

When can we use this service?

Until now we have been using registered letters and burofaxes, when we need to send a communication with probative validity. That means, when we do not want the existence to a communication between two parts to be denied. For none of both parts, neither the issuer nor the receiver.

Through certified SMS, we find different options that will allow us sending attachments to mobile phones without knowing for sure if they have the same legal force as the Burofax.

Why does it have the same validity as the Burofax?

The product gives us total guarantee that does. To make it possible we use certified electronics with time stamp and a trustworthy third party recognized by official organisms.
There are already court rulings that endorse this procedure.

What is the advantage over traditional ways?

If we want to notify someone and we want to register this communication, we will find different options, which allow us to do it without moving from our hoses, in a few minutes and with a low cost (much lower than through certified letters); by attaching documents or just by sending a text message we choose the option we prefer.

And what can I do if I need to send a lot of notifications at the same time?

We have at our disposal a cooperative version that integrates operations of a company or institution, able to notify thousands of communications, saving up to 70 % over traditional ways.

Are there other similar products?

Yes, but none of them has the right patent, that safety ensures probative value.

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