Electronic Notification Services

When can we use this service?

Until now we have been using registered letters and burofaxes, when we need to send a communication with probative validity. That means, when we do not want the existence to a communication between two parts to be denied. For none of both parts, neither the issuer nor the receiver.

Through certified SMS, we find different options that will allow us sending attachments to mobile phones without knowing for sure if they have the same legal force as the Burofax.

Why does it have the same validity as the Burofax?

The product gives us total guarantee that does. To make it possible we use certified electronics with time stamp and a trustworthy third party recognized by official organisms.
There are already court rulings that endorse this procedure.

What is the advantage over traditional ways?

If we want to notify someone and we want to register this communication, we will find different options, which allow us to do it without moving from our hoses, in a few minutes and with a low cost (much lower than through certified letters); by attaching documents or just by sending a text message we choose the option we prefer.

And what can I do if I need to send a lot of notifications at the same time?

We have at our disposal a cooperative version that integrates operations of a company or institution, able to notify thousands of communications, saving up to 70 % over traditional ways.

Are there other similar products?

Yes, but none of them has the right patent, that safety ensures probative value.

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